Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Primark Buys

Tomorrow, I get the keys to the house that I'm sharing with my friends for the next year of University so I'm moving out for a bit. Since today was my last opportunity, I nicely asked my mum if we could go to Primark - only the best store in the world ever - because she buys me nice things and I'm always penniless throughout the school year. She didn't want to go but gave me her credit card to go and buy some new clothes, score! So, Broseph (that's brother) and I, set out to Bristol to go to the amaazing Primark store they have there.

I have a hard time spending money, even when it's not my own, I have no idea why - I just don't like spending large amounts of money. I could easily drop £40 on Nail Polish in a fortnight over 8 different occasions, but spending a big chunk at once doesn't come naturally to me - I'm sure there must be a psychological reason behind that but whatever.

So, I ended up buying:
a Cardigan, a T-shirt, a Mini Dress, two Skirts, a Pair of leather gloves, a Necklace and a Bag
I came away absolutely gutted that I had someone else's credit card and only bought 5 items of clothing. HOW?!

Anyway, here are the gloves and necklace

I saw these gloves here a while ago and NEEDED them from that instant. So when I spotted them today I knew they would end up in my basket.

I like to buy a new bag at least every term for school. This one's not very big so it may become obsolete within a few days of accumulating paper and books but in that case, it will also serve me well as an everyday bag!

What were your last Primark purchases?

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