Sunday, 26 December 2010

Front Cover Eye Palette

Every year at Christmas time I spend some time perusing the gifts on offer in Boots. I never buy any even with the 3 for 2 offer unless I know someone wants one specifically. 
I look particularly for the Front Cover sets which I always have an urge to buy but know I wouldn't get much use out of. In the past, they've just sold one large boxy set with loads of little eyeshadows in but it seems like this year they've expanded the range a bit and introduced some cool palettes and 'look' kits.

Since I know all the gifts in Boots go to half price after Christmas I held out and bought one this year as I've started to wear a lot of eyeshadow and although I did get a fair amount of it yesterday in my stocking, they were a lot of neutral colours so I splashed out and bought this 'Very Hot/Very Cool' palette which has such a sleek design and is full of great colours.

The front has one of those pictures that changes as you look at it from a different angle to show the Hot and Cold looks.

Under the lid there is a great sized mirror and the Cool shades and a drawer slides out from underneath to reveal the Warm colours.

It also comes with two brushes, each with a thick blending end and a smaller liner brush.

This palette was £7.50 reduced from £15 and you should be able to find it in most decent sized Boots stores for a few days still along with some of their other products.

I'm planning on doing some EOTD's soon and maybe even YouTube videos but I'm not making any promises and my blending needs a lot of work!