Monday, 25 October 2010

5 Things

I've been a bad blogger recently and have had trouble thinking of stuff to write about. So I figured I would just update you on a few things that are going on in my life.

1 - Car
The insurance on my car expires tomorrow and unfortunately, this year, I can't afford to renew it. I've been driving that little thing around for more than 2 years now and it sounds lame but my life is gonna be completely different now.

It won't make much difference to my while I'm at Uni because everything I need is within walking distance but when I'm at home in the holidays, it's more secluded and I know I'm going to feel so frustrated when I can't get anywhere.
The only up side is that I will get a refund of the 10 months tax that I didn't use.

2 - Skin
It seems like I wake up every day with a new spot on my chin and have done for the last 6 weeks at least. I've never suffered too much with spots but whenever I get spotty it's always on my chin. I've been using a witch stick in an attempt to get the little blighters to leave but so far it's not doing much good.

3 - University

I'm back at Uni now and obviously now I'm in my second year, everything is harder. It's only week 4 and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with everything.
I was always the girl who doesn't apply herself. I'm rubbish at studying and working and always leave my assignments until the last minute. Until now, I've managed to get away with it but because standards here are so high and I really need to work hard, I can see myself struggling to get a decent mark.

4 - Sleeping
Since starting back at Uni, my sleeping patterns have been all messed up. Getting up isn't a problem - I can get up as early as I need to - it's just staying awake that I struggle with! 
It starts when I stay awake too late because I have to do work which, of course, I've left until the last minute. Then I have to get up early to get to lectures where I often find myself sleeping on the desk. Today, I missed the last 10 minutes of a lecture and couldn't even remember feeling tired or falling asleep. Then I come home and nap in the afternoons and it starts all over again.

5 - Friends

By far, the best part of Uni is being so close to all my friends. There is always someone around do something with whether it's the cinema, grocery shopping, clubbing or just chatting.

Friday, 22 October 2010

I won a giveaway :)

Here are the goodies that I won from Marina @ Forever The Ugly Duckling in her first ever giveaway this week. It came wrapped up in three layers of paper so I was just like a little kid at a birthday party playing pass the parcel (only with myself)!

Models Own - Purple Grey
Models Own - Peacock Green (surprise extra)
OPI - Samoan Sand 
OPI - Original Nail Envy
Some fimo slices in Bird and Skull designs (also a surprise)

I loooove these colours and they're also my first ever Models Own and OPI polishes so it's a super exciting day for me. I was just moaning that my nails are really weak and I can't grow them very much because they just keeping peeling and snapping off so, hopefully this OPI base coat will help me a great deal.

I just wanted to show you guys what I won and what you can expect to see over the next few days if I find time to get some nail art done. Which I'm sure I will now I have these babies to play around with!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Get more for your money at Boots.

I know the title makes it sound like I'm just trying to get you all to go and buy your Christmas presents at Boots but I actually want to tell you how you can get loads more goodies for your money by making the most of their £5 off No7 or Ruby and Millie vouchers.

I have been in need of a new foundation for a while now so today, I decided to go into the larger Boots store in town to get one of the No7 Ladies' advice about which one would be best and which colour matches my skin because when I try and pick the right colour myself it's always wrong!

They seem to have an offer on all the time now that when you spend £5 in store, you receive a voucher for £5 off No7 or Ruby and Millie which are both Boots' own brands but great quality. I am normally very cheap when it comes to make-up purchases but I think it's important to have a good quality foundation that matches your skin tone so I have been using No7 for a few years now and I find the products last for ages.

So anyway... if you're buying a No7 product, it makes sense to spend £5 in store on something you need, or even just a treat like I did, and use the voucher to get the £5 off No7. So it's like getting £5 of stuff for free!

Here is what I bought... and the RRP of each:
Boots Styling Mousse for Curls and Waves £1
Boots Maximum Hold Hairspray £1
VO5 Volumising Blow Dry Lotion £3.29
Ring Set £2 (in the sale)
No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish in Poolside Blue £6.75
No7 Mineral Perfection Foundation £14
Total: £28.04

And I got it all for £17.04!!! Amazing considering that the two No7 products alone should cost over £20.

Here's how I did it...

I purchased the 3 hair items (which were on 3 for the price of 2) and rings for £6.29 and got a voucher.

I strolled across the store to the No7 counter and bought the foundation. With the voucher, I had to pay £9.

Then, to my delight, the girl at the till put another voucher in my hand so I popped over to pick up the nail polish and paid £1.75 for it.

I am such a huge bargain hunter and love sharing my tips with other people so I hope you've enjoyed reading about my bargains!

I've never tried Ruby and Millie products. Have any of you? They are more expensive than No7 and there was no one there to help me choose so I didn't really spend much time looking at them.