Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ikea Trip!! Shall I buy a Helmer?!

I went to Ikea yesterday with one of my House mates for this year! We were just browsing to get some ideas for decorating our house and went to the cafe too for some of the famous, yummy yummy, Swedish meatballs.

The best part of any Ikea trip - the meatballs and chips. Mmmmm.
With my Ikea family card, I got the meal for £1.50 - such a bargain. I don't know if it's a nationwide offer or just in Cardiff but it's available Monday to Friday 3-6pm.

I bought an absolutely deeelicious smelling candle. It's called a Tindra and I bought the medium sized one but you can also buy them as tealights or huge ones. 
This is the nicest smelling candle I've ever had the pleasure of sniffing! I was holding it up to my nose most of the way round the store. There are no flavour names, but the picture on the label was of a selection of berries. So next time you go to Ikea, pleeease give it a sniff!

And finally - the first Helmer I ever laid my eyes on! Every time we turned a corner, I was immediately scanning the area for the Helmers.
I've wanted one for ages to house my ever expanding nail polish collection but there's no room for it in my bedroom at home. I have a bigger bedroom in the house I'll be living in this year so I think it's inevitable I'll end up with one.
It's bigger than I was expecting and my polishes won't quite fill it up which is a good thing because I also need somewhere to store my similarly growing collection of make-up.

The only dilemma is, which colour shall I get? Red, White or Silver? It's a tricky decision since whichever one I get will clash with the colours in my room.

Have you tried Ikea meatballs? Do you love them as much as me or are they not for you?

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