Friday, 6 August 2010

Day 21 - A Recipe

Hair Protein Treatment
2 eggs and the juice of a lemon

I used to dye my hair on a very regular basis - sometimes up to three times a month. I've had it blonde(ish), black, red, orange and all shades of brown. All this processing made my hair weak, dry and basically ruined.
After some research, I came to the conclusion that my hair was over porous which means all the cuticles are raised so moisture escapes very quickly.
In order to solve this problem, or if you just want some extra conditioning and lift, you can make a home remedy consisting of ingredients that will replenish the protein in your hair and seal it in.

There are varied opinions all over the internet about what you should use but I just use 2 eggs for protein and the juice of a Lemon to really cleanse the hair and scalp. You can also add a bit of oil like lavender or coconut for a nice scent.
I mix it up in a mug then use a funnel to get it in to an old shampoo bottle.

I shampoo my hair then apply the mixture and wrap it in cling film (saran wrap) for about 30 minutes.
I just rinse the mix off but you can finish it off with a bit of conditioner.

This immediately gives my hair more body and shine and keeps it free from grease for a longer period between washes.


  1. I dye my hair a lot too (and use heat on it frequently) so I should probably try this out. Thanks! How often do you do this?

  2. Serena - Ooh definitely, it will be great against the heat and dye!
    I do it about once a month to every 3 weeks.
    I once did it twice in two weeks and just didn't see much of a change the second time.

    I have a semi-permanent colour on atm, but as soon as that's all washed out, I will post some before and after pictures if I can capture the change.

    Hope you get some good results xx