Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 17 - An Art Piece (painting, drawing, sculpture etc.)


I'm not a very arty person. I like taking photographs and enjoy the occasional exhibition but nothing has ever stuck out for me so I will tell you about the first 'artist' that comes to my mind.

Banksy is a notorious graffiti artist from Bristol, the city where I was born ☺. You might have heard of him but no-one knows his true identity. What he does is essentially vandalism and against the law but people love it.
Although I've never lived in Bristol, I still live really close so I visit the city all the time and have seen a few original Banksy's and was lucky enough to go to his exhibition at Bristol Museum.

The piece below is the one I've seen the most and you can see it from Park Street. He put it up in 2006 and the council put to a vote whether it should stay up or be cleaned off. 97% of people voted that it should be kept.

Click the picture to go to his website
Ironically, this was defaced last year (like a lot of his paintings are) and the council have cleaned of the graffiti that was done over this graffiti.

Have you heard of Banksy or seen any of his work?

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