Friday, 16 July 2010

Thank you for joining.

Hello everyone and thank-you for following despite me making no promises as to what kind of stuff you will be seeing here, you're all very brave!
Despite being very anxious to get this 'beauty' blog started, I am now facing a wall and I have nothing to write about concerning beauty! Eeek.
So... I definitely have to change the name of this blog but I still want to use it and there will be beauty related posts.

I recently saw a post where someone mentioned a sort of task they would undertake which had 30 'objectives' I suppose you could say. It would last 30 days and each day, you do a blog post concerning one thing or another that is set out at the start in the 'objectives'.
Only thing is, I can't remember where I saw it now. So if anyone knows what I mean, I would be very grateful if you can let me know.

Do you have any suggestions for the name of this blog? I'm terrible at thinking up creative names, but also very picky! Probably not very encouraging. I think I will also ask on The Nailasaurus to see if anyone has any ideas.




    I think this is the one you mean :)

  2. That's the one!! Thank you so much Bethanie