Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 06 - What's in my Handbag (Whatever I Fancy)

This is what the contents looked like tipped out on my bed. There are a few things here which I didn't photograph individually - the fan and a Wilkinsons receipt. But you can see the rest below :D

Mobile phone and bluetooth headset
This is my Nokia 5800. I've had it since October '09 and I still love it.
I have the headset for when I'm driving and it's good for chatting when you are busy with your hands painting your nails.

Purse and lighters
This purse cost me £3.50 in Primark - my one stop shop for accessories!
I used to smoke, not heavily, but I don't anymore. I tend to buy lighters as souvenirs so I still carry these lighters with me for sentimental reasons. I got the silver one on a school trip to Barcelona and I've had the faux Zippo for nearly 5 years now.

There's more if you're interested...

Car keys, house keys, Clubcard keyfob and my rubber duck keyring. This has a little LED in the mouth and it used to quack when you pressed the button for the light but it was really annoying so I got it open and took the little speaker out!
They're on a lanyard that I got free from the Freshers Fayre at Uni. I used to wear the key to my flat around my neck on this for a while at the start of the year because it was £25 for a replacement.

Vaseline Intensive Care - Essential Moisture. I've been using this since I was 11 and spent too long in the cold on a(nother) school trip and my hands started chapping. My mum took me to get a moisturiser and it was this one. I don't think I've used another creme on my hands since.
Strawberry scented hand sanitiser.

This is a Creative Zen Vision: M and it holds 30gb worth of Music, Film or Pictures and is nearly full of music. I bought that cool headphone coil in a posh shop in Bristol.

Camera - A fuji. I carry this one around in case I see something I want to snap. It's a few years old and the zoom doesn't work properly and the flash bleaches everything in sight but it comes in handy.

Other Stuff
Memory stick - free with my student bank account. If you are a student go with Natwest! Free memory stick and a 5 year railcard!

Fold up hairbrush

Pack of Polo mints

Various painkillers - in case of head/back ache.

Collection 2000 - liquid eyeliner - in case I need a touch up.

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  1. I've just stayed in halls for a week and our keys were £60 for a replacement. I love your keyring, how did you get the speaker out ?