Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Want to be rewarded for sitting at your computer?

I know the title makes it sound like a spam post but I assure you it's not! I just want to tell you about a website called Valued Opinions. It's a market research website for residents of the UK. You take their surveys and get rewarded with store vouchers.

You basically sign up and fill out some details about yourself then when a survey comes up that you may qualify for (based on the information you've given them) they send you an email and you can choose whether or not you want to take it. It's up to you how much information you provide - it is kind of personal, they ask you things like which bank you're with and what kind of mobile phone service you have - but the more you give, the more surveys you'll be invited to. Before you take each survey, they tell you roughly how much of your time it will take and how much you'll  be rewarded.
I've been a member since last July, so about 6 months, and I've accumulated just over £20 in rewards already. I think this is a great deal considering all I have to do is sit at my computer every so often and answer some questions. A lot of the surveys are even fun and interesting to complete.
You can claim vouchers for as little as £10 for loads of places like Amazon, Tesco, HMV, Boots, Argos, Arcadia Group (Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis) and more or even choose to donate your rewards to charity.

I love this website, it really has something for everyone. I mean, who wouldn't like a gift voucher now and then to treat themselves and with all the voucher options you can practically buy whatever you want.
It's especially great for people like myself who don't have a lot of disposable income and like to treat themselves on occasion without feeling guilty for splurging cash that would be put to better use on books or food! 

On the 29th of December, I cashed in £10 of my rewards on a Boots voucher. They tell you to allow up to 28 days until you receive the voucher but mine came super quickly. I don't know exactly how long it took because I have been away but it was waiting for me when I got home on the 10th. I went to Boots today and I'll let you know what I bought in an upcoming post.

I think I'll order an Amazon voucher next so I can buy some more Nail Envy - I'm never going to be able to live without that stuff now! The great thing with the Amazon vouchers is that you get them immediately - they just email you a code.

Is anyone a member of any survey sites?

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