Sunday, 16 January 2011

Recent Shopping Trip

Last weekend I went out with my brother, mum and grandmother. We visited two small towns just west of Bristol called Clevedon and Portishead. Even though there are hardly any shops in either of these places, every time we go I always manage to find something that I fall in love with on the spot!

Bag from M&Co £9
Corsage Necklace from New Look £1.50 (Bargain!) 
La Femme Nail Polish from £1 shop
Earrings from Argos (£6.99)

I know you can't see the earrings in the top pictures so here they are a bit closer up. It's just three pairs of silver studs with CZ sparklies. I originally intended to just buy one gold pair for my latest piercings (I have 5 holes going up each ear now :s) because it's better for the healing process but the poles were really short and I have quite thick earlobes so I resorted to these. They looked so twinkly in the display cabinets I just couldn't resist.

This M&Co bag was in the sale at £9. It's super versatile and I love the understated studs. You can wear it across the body or on the shoulder with a shorter strap. You can popper it up or use the drawstring to keep your stuff inside and each way will give you a different look.

I think M&Co is very up and coming on the high street. It's moving away from it's frumpy image, redesigning it's stores and stock and placing itself in the market next to stores like Peacocks and New Look (literally and figuratively). Most of the clothes are still very demure but they're really vamping a lot of it up so it's more appealing for all ages. I plan on doing a post showing you some of my picks from the website as soon as I have some time on my hands. For the mean time I have to make it through my exams without suffering a nervous breakdown.

Edit: You can see some pictures of one of their new stores here.


  1. i love your bag!!! i'm always carrying my dslr around so i'm always looking for versatile bags so i don't look like a tourist in my own area haha. i just checked the site and it doesn't look like they have it anymore :(

  2. My sister sent me the link to this page and now I know why! This bag is stunning and this is what she wants for her birthday! Its awesome by the way :)

  3. What an awesome bag! I really like it! Good work!