Monday, 25 April 2011

Sucker Punch Inspired: Baby Doll Make-Up

Last week I found myself at the cinema watching Sucker Punch, completely transfixed by the make-up. Forget the stunning visual effects, kick-ass fight scenes and beautiful soundtrack I was so preoccupied staring at the make-up that I missed all the important parts! 
Of the five main characters in the film - Baby Doll, Rocket, Sweet Pea, Blondie and Amber - Baby Doll's was my favourite look so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. 
The film is set in the 60's and the make-up design does a great job of reflecting that. The focus is on Baby Doll's big eyes, using a neutral palette, strong 60's eyeliner and floaty eyelashes. Apparently, they used 3 pairs of eyelashes on set to get her look.

I used my regular foundation routine, lots of pink blusher and a bit of E.L.F. All Over Colour Stick in Lilac Petal on the apples of my cheeks as a highlight.

Primark Prime of your Life - In The Pink
E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour - Hazy Hazel
E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - Black
17 Sheer Shine Eye Cream - White
Sleek Original Palette - Gold Shade
Eyelashes from eBay (item)

I noticed that her eyelashes aren't stuck on as close to the lash line as possible, like you would normally wear them. They turn up at the outer corner as if they're following the eyeliner so I tried that on myself and it turned out okay. I think that's the trick to achieving the 'Big Baby Eyes' look, it works as an optical illusion widening your eyes.

I made a little 'map' of the shades that I used and where I used them. As well as these 3 shades, I used a little white in the lower inside corner and a tiny bit of gold spread out under my lower lashline.


  1. that's enchantig! thanks for the tutotial!! this makeup is very inspiring!

  2. Thanks Alice, you're very welcome! I hope you enjoy the film :D

  3. I love this look on you, it really suits you!

    Also how pretty are your eyes- what a lovely colour :)

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  5. oh my god this post is amazing x

  6. This look is really nice!
    followed! xx

  7. Fantastic! I think your eye look is even better than Baby Dolls!
    The link to the ebay lashes didn't work for me, but I love the look of the flicked ends. Could you do a proper review of those lashes including a picture of what they look like off the eye please?
    Thank you!

  8. Wow, well done! The eyes are great. Love Baby Doll's look. Will have to try this sometime x