Tuesday, 1 February 2011

EOTD Smudgy Liner

I'm attempting to experiment with eyeliner a bit. I've worn liquid eyeliner in a cat's eye style for nearly 5 years now and as I'm slowly learning more about make-up and its application, I realise there are other ways to make my eyes appear wider without the bold black line. This is one of my little experiments, it's kind of smoky but inconspicuous at the same time.

I used:
Primark Prime of your Life - In The Pink
E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - Black (smudged in with a q-tip)
Front Cover Freeze/Sizzle Palette - Sand Shell and Bracken
Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara - Black


  1. This looks gorgeous! Would love to know how you get such a perfect v shape with the outer crease shade?

  2. Thank you Rachael! I'm not sure, I don't really have a technique. I suppose the best way I can describe how I do it is I start at the outer corner of my eye and go up to the point of the V, then go along my crease. Hope this kind of answered your question :D